Oneraxtaxia 24"x 36" Acrylic and mixed media,2017

Oneraxtaxia 24"x 36" Acrylic and mixed media,2017


Tara Bach is a Fluid Abstract Artist from upstate NY. She found beauty and  joy in the freedom of her abstract painting process, dabbling in the unknown playing with elements of sponaneity and control. Color and movement take over her canvas and create luminous, enchanting works. Each painting of hers is completely original, made from her own unique painting process that she has slowly developed over the past few years.

Tara finds her inspiration in nature and the universe. Whether it be the calm and peacefulness of the ever changing tide, the powerlessness of the storm or the wonders of the galaxies unknown -. The changing elements  resonate with her and remind her of life and its uncertainties,

"I wanted to Create a body of work that made my heart feel at the ocean, while at the same time have the ability to take me to another far off place- that wasn't quite reminiscent of this world yet still oddly familiar..." - Tara Bach

Tara's work has been exhibited in various New York Galleries. Her Paintings are sold and collected Across the United States and internationally. 



The Wired Gallery, Ulster Alums Exhibition September 2017

Emerge Gallery NY "B&W" Group exhibition August 2017

Woodstock Healing Arts Solo Exhibit, July 2017

Emerge Gallery NY "Art and Words" May group show 2017

Emerge Gallery NY "Exit 20" group show 2017

Opus 40 Group Exhibit, August 2016

The Dutch Barn Group exhibit, July, 2016

Bosco's Mercantile, Sauteries NY, August 2016

Monika Olko Gallery, Sag Harbor, South Hampton, NY  2015 http://www.monikaolkogallery.com/events.html

The Wired Gallery, Group Abstract show, 2015

The Modern Dream, Saugerties NY, December 2015

Light House, 2015

Saugerties Artist Studio Tour, 2015 http://saugertiesarttour.com

Kirsted House group exhibit 2015

NWHC group exhibit 2015

Opus 40 Group Exhibit 2015

The Dutch Solo Exhibit 2015

Frogmore solo exhibit 2015



Obscured Art Volume 2-  http://www.obscuredart.com

New School Magazine, 2016   https://issuu.com/newschoolmagazine/docs/the_new_school_magazine

Athens Laundry Studio Visit Feature http://athenslaundry.tumblr.com/post/151658669392/more-studio-visit-tara-bach-artists